How to write good meta tags for SEO




It is very important to write all the meta tags well for SEO in London. It is useless to be first in the
search results if users do not click on your website because they have meta tags that do not describe
what you do well.
Character limit:
The Google policies in this regard are changing and the maximum characters allowed also vary over
time, so it is highly recommended to keep up to date with the search engine changes so that the bull
does not catch us. Right now, the maximum number of characters for the title is 55 and 155 for the
description. It is very important to stick to the maximum number of characters allowed, because if
not, both the title and the description will be cut by ellipsis.
When it comes to SEO Services UK, both the title and the description have to include the main keyword of
the page, the closer to the beginning the better.
There cannot be two equal goals:
As always when we talk about SEO services london, duplicate content is very penalised by search engines.
That is why it is very important to create meta tags unique to each page, even if the content is very
similar. There may be cases in which a website has many internal pages of content, so it would be an
odyssey to create a personalised label for each one. An example would be an online store with a
very broad catalogue. In those cases, you can be a little more lax with the tags and use tools that
help, such as taking text automatically from the content of the page.
To write meaningfully:
A user has to understand what we mean, as well as a search engine. That is why automatic word
spinning tools are not recommended except for those special cases, since the text will probably lose its meaning and be cut in half.